Sep 24, 2012

IP address and MAC filter on Squid

Sometime having a white listed IP group in squid is problematic due to DHCP. It works perfectly on static IP address when assigned to an individual. But if you use MAC address you need not worry about IP address.

Squid configuration for IP based filter.

acl AllowIP src 192.168.50
acl AllowIP src 192.168.2

http_access allow AllowIP

Squid configuration for MAC based filter.

Create a file in squid location. Here I have create mac.txt file under squid location i.e (/etc/squid/).

acl MAC arp "/etc/squid/mac.txt"

http_access allow MAC

My mac.txt file would contain something like this.

*MAC address under windows will be shown as xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx where as in Linux xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

Make sure that your http_access allow line is before http_access deny all, else your rule will not work.

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