Aug 8, 2012

SQL Server Maintenance Plan

After changing your sa password, your maintenance plan might stop working and you might face a problem where you cannot delete the maintenance plan or edit. If you are facing such problem with your MS SQL server Maintenance Plan when you change your sa account password. Follow the following steps:

1. Select msdb database
2. Start a new query
3. select * from sysmaintplan_plans
4. Copy the id record and use it in the below query
5. delete from sysmaintplan_log where plan_id = ''
6. delete from sysmaintplan_subplans where plan_id = ''
7. delete from sysmaintplan_plans where id = ''
8. After you have run all the above delete sql query, check if the respective maintenance plan is available. normally, it wont be there, and even if there is delete it.

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