Aug 8, 2012

Online System's in Bhutan

Audit Clearance System - Royal Audit Authority
Security Clearance Service - Royal Bhutan Police
Planning and Monitoring System - Gross National Happiness Commission
Asset Declaration System - Anti-Corruption Commission
Forestry Information Database System - Department of Forest and Services
Forestry e-Services - Department of Forest and Services
Civil Service Information System - Royal Civil Service Commission
Tashel Online System - Tourism Council of Bhutan
Labour Market Information System - Department of Employment
Labour Net System - Department of Labour
Technical Vocational Education & Training Management Information System - Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
e-Job Portal - Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
Office Procedure Automation - Ministry of Information & Communication
e-Sakor - National Land Commission
G2C - Citizen Service
MYRB & PEMS - Ministry of Finance
G2B - Business Service Portal
HHC - Health Help Center
Biosafety Clearing-House - National Environment Commission
Environment Information Management System - National Environment Commission
Environmental Clearance System - National Environment Commission

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