Aug 8, 2012

Configuring ASP.NET website to use SQL Server for Session state

Today i was working on an application. So thought of storing the session in sql server. I will be installing on my notebook, my notebook name is yj-NB. I have set sa user password as sa123 on database. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:
Here is the code to add in web.config;

<sessionState mode="SQLServer"
sqlConnectionString="data source=yj-NB;UID=sa;PWD=sa123;"

You don’t have to mention database name.

Step 2:

Installing the Session State Database Using the Aspnet_regsql.exe Tool
Go to command prompt

aspnet_regsql.exe -S yj-NB -U sa -P sa123 -d ASPstate -ssadd -sstype c

yj-NB: computer name

sa123: sa password

ASPstate: Database name that will be storing session

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